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Making Aging Easier in the River Valley – New Senior Resource Guides Available

A big part of my job as the PA Link to Aging and Disability Lead Coordinator is to educate seniors and those with disabilities about the resources available to help people stay safe and independent. I am very fortunate in this area to be a part of the River Valley Senior Provider’s Group. This is a group of local professionals who work with a wide variety of seniors and individuals with disabilities. We all have one thing in common – to work together to provide the best care to those who need it most.

One of the ways we try to reach out into the community is by publishing our annual River Valley Senior Providers’ Resource Guide. The Guide is published in conjunction with the Standard Journal and all of our members. Each year we try to add more resources and make it even more user-friendly. It’s hard to believe, but the Guide has been published for eight years now.

Why Should You Look at the Guide?

We get so many things in the mail and even in the newspaper. We pick –up so much information at health fairs and when we are out. Why should you make the time to look through the Guide?

Maybe you are a healthy senior who just wants to learn more about the activities at the local senior center or maybe your health is declining and you have no idea if you need a home care or home health agency. The Guide will give you a description of those services and tell you what members may be able to help you. Are you a Veteran or a widow of a Veteran? Do you know what services might be available to you? Well, the Guide has information and a listing of all the local Veterans Affairs Director. You can see pictures of your friends and find advertisements from local businesses. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for anyone over sixty or with a disability and for those who care for them.

When you are done looking over the Guide, it’s great to keep on the coffee table or in the book shelf. You never know when your situation could change or that of a friend, neighbor or relative. If you didn’t receive a Guide in the mail or at a local business, please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

If you need additional help understanding the resources available, please feel free to reach out to the PA Link to Aging and Disability Resource Center for a listing of services available in your community. Please call our toll-free Call Center at 1-800-753-8827 or email me at

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