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Older Adult Certificate Program for Community Providers - Fall Session

Fall Session Begins September 9, 2019 ends December 16, 2019

Registration opens June 3, 2019

In 2003, the IOM (Institute of Medicines) Report – “Health Professions: A Bridge to Quality” warned us that “the nation faces an impending healthcare crisis as the number of older patients with more complex health needs increasingly outpaces the number of healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills to adequately care for them.” Furthering the problem is that the health care disciplines work isolated within their own silo of care with little interface between each other. Once again quoted from the IOM Report, “in today’s health care system, services for elderly patients are often delivered by many different providers with little or no coordination among the various professions represented at the patient’s side.” Optimize Aging is working to address this problem; first through educating professionals and the community at large on “aging issues;” and second by assisting health professionals to recognize they do NOT work in a vacuum, as they continually require ongoing reciprocal relationships across both the acute and community-based health care systems.

The Older Adult Certificate Program seeks to address the lack of “aging” education for professionals and by “case discussions” provide “real life” problem solving opportunities to professionals. This web-based program will be offered 2 times a year as an 8-week series. Each 2 ½ hour webinar will address a specific age-related topic and during the conclusion problem solve with participants a case reflective of the topic. The series topics and schedule are listed below. The webinar will be offered every other Monday, this coming “fall” starting September 9, 2019 from 2:30 – 5 PM. The cost is $325; plus an additional $35 if you are requesting continuing education credits. Read More

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