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Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resource Office COVID – 19 Agency Survey Results

The Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources, commonly referred to as the PA Link, is a cross-age, cross-system network of partner agencies that collaborate to serve individuals who need long-term services and supports. The mission of the PA Link is to improve access to long-term services and supports for individuals, their loved ones and caregivers, regardless of age, income, or ability, through an integrated network of partner agencies committed to expanding the use of community-based solutions, promoting person-centered decision making, and enhancing the quality of services.

Considering the unprecedented and challenging times our Commonwealth is currently facing in light of COVID-19, the Aging and Disability Office (ADRO) conducted a survey to its vast partner network in order to better understand how PA Link partner agencies are operating at this time, what type of adjustment have they made, what needs they may have, and where are the potential gaps in services for the community. The survey was developed and administered through Survey Monkey, and it consisted of eleven questions. The survey link was sent to the 3,706 PA Link partners on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, and the survey remained open for responses through close of business on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. A total of 769 PA Link partners responded.

Of the 769 total responses, 203 agencies indicated that they primarily serve individuals over the age of 60, while 80 agencies indicated that they primarily serve individuals living with a disability, and 486 agencies indicated that they serve both individuals over the age of 60 and those living with a disability. These agencies vary in how they serve older adults and people with disabilities.

Their services range from in-home personal assistance support to homeless shelter management to education.

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